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Posted on: February 5, 2008 1:04 pm

Your Tuesday Trivia Ten

This week's edition, in honor of the two Supers of the week: Sports & Politics.  These will largely be sports questions, but will only be about athletes or coaches who were in the political spotlight at some point.

By tomorrow, the highest # of correct answers in the comments will get a favorite add from me if they're not there already and, as a bonus, one million Schrutebucks.

1.  What Oklahoma QB was drafted by the Jets as a RB, refused to play the position, and played QB in the CFL before eventually becoming a 4-term Congressman from 1994 to 2003?

2. Hall of Fame WR and Oklahoma Congressman (1994-2002) Steve Largent was traded to the Seattle Seahawks from what team?

3. Former Vice-Presidential nominee and longtime Buffalo QB Jack Kemp, in one of the great management blunders in sports history, was picked up by Buffalo on waivers after leading what team to two AFL division championships?

4. What Olympic Gold medalist ran for president in the US at some point in the last 16 years?

5. In 1995, how many teams did Tom Osborne (2000-2006 Congressman) and his Huskers fail to beat by at least two touchdowns?

6. What current Senator once pitched a perfect game?

7. What future politician played in the very first College World Series?

8. What current Congressman finished 2nd in a Heisman race?

9. Gerald Ford played what two positions at Michigan?

10. During three presidential elections, the alma maters of the top two candidates have faced off during the football season.  For example, if 2008 saw Barack facing McCain, and Columbia happened to play Navy this year, 2008 would be the 4th such example.  In these 3 contests/elections, the winning presidential candidate attended the losing football school twice.  What is the exception, the only school-candidate combo to win both in the polls and on the field?
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